MotoGP: Ducati mind games forge unusual bond

    Danilo Petrucci takes a celebration selfie on the Mugello Podium.

    Luca Semprini, Ducati Corse press officer pictured in this article, passed away suddenly at the Czech MotoGP this week. He was just 35 years old. CNN Sport extends sincere condolences to Luca's family, friends and colleagues.

    (CNN)Back in June, on a sweltering Sunday at Italy's majestic Mugello circuit, Danilo Petrucci fired his Ducati across the line for his maiden MotoGP victory.

    There can scarcely have been a more popular winner in recent MotoGP history and Petrucci had to battle his way through backslapping fans and rivals alike to reach a final, rapturous reception from his team in Parc Fermé.
    The 28-year-old recalled the experience recently to CNN. "It was so incredible," he smiled. "You have to go through all of the pit lane because Parc Fermé is at the end, and there was all the paddock waiting for me, just touching me. I felt really emotional."

        No greater prize

        For any MotoGP rider, let alone an Italian, there is simply no greater prize than a win on a Ducati at Mugello. This is the two-wheeled equivalent of a Ferrari victory at Monaco. As Fratel