Chemnitzer FC: German club sacks captain for displaying neo-Nazi sympathy

    Captain Daniel Frahn has been sacked by FC Chemnitzer

    (CNN)German football team FC Chemnitzer said it has sacked captain Daniel Frahn for displaying sympathy toward neo-Nazis during a league match.

    Frahn, who joined the third-tier side in 2016, was unable to play Saturday's game against Hallescher due to injury but chose instead to watch the match from the stands.
    He was seated with a group of far-right fans and, according to the club, was clearly seen to display sympathy for the supporters -- a move that "caused great damage to the club."
      Striker and captain Frahn, who previously played for top-tier side RB Leipzig, had earlier this year been fined for paying tribute to far-right activist and renowned club hooligan, the late Tommy Haller. After scoring a goal, he celebrated by holding up a black T-shirt that read "support your local hools [hooligans]".
      Crowds, many of them members of the Chemnitz football hooligan scene, gather to mourn the death of neo-Nazi leader Tommy Haller.