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Authorities in northern Russia detected a brief rise in radiation levels following a deadly explosion at a military training ground in the Arkhangelsk region, state news agency TASS reported Thursday.

“The brief rise of the radiation level was registered in Severodvinsk at about noon,” said Kseniya Yudina, a spokeswoman for the city, TASS reported.

The Arkhangelsk regional governor told TASS that the area around the explosion would not be evacuated.

“No, there is nothing of the sort. We have no such information,” Igor Orlov told the news agency. He said there were victims.

At least two people were killed and four were seriously injured as the result of the explosion of a liquid rocket engine, TASS reported, citing the Ministry of Defense.

State news agency RIA-Novosti, citing regional law enforcement, put the casualty toll higher, saying two people died and 15 were injured in the explosion. The agency told RIA-Novosti the incident occurred 30 kilometers from the city of Severodvinsk, and that circumstances were being clarified.

TASS, citing emergency services, said the incident began on a ship. Severodvinsk has a naval base and shipyard.

The incident comes just days after a massive fire and explosions at a military ammunition depot in the Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk.