How to help the looming hunger crisis in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is facing an acute water shortage after this year's drought. Two of Harare's reservoirs are empty.

(CNN)The United Nations Children's Fund says that nearly 5.5 million people in Zimbabwe are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance -- almost half of them children. The aid organization is hoping to stave off mass starvation in the coming months.

Two recent droughts have wiped out many of Zimbabwe's crops and depleted water sources. And in March, one of the worst cyclones to ever hit Africa, Idai, caused catastrophic damage. The country is also dealing with a crippling economic crisis.
    It's appealing for $18.4 million just to meet the needs of the most severe cases.
      The World Food Program USA is appealing for $331 million to help pay for emergency food, water, sanitation and cash handouts to affected families.
      You can help their efforts to provide emergency food aid by clicking here or on the button above.