The internet is going crazy over a 'salmon cannon' that shoots fish over a dam

The "salmon cannon" has been around since 2014, but Twitter discovered it over the weekend.

(CNN)Give Twitter a fish, and you feed it for a day. But teach Twitter about a cannon that shoots salmon through a tube, and you feed enough memes to make people forget about 30 to 50 feral hogs.

The internet is losing its collective mind over a video of Whooshh Innovations' salmon cannon -- yep, that's it's real name -- built to zip fish over hydroelectric dams that block their migration paths.
The video shows a man chucking a salmon into a tube. The translucent channel is suspended mid-air, and the fish's speeding shadow tells a harrowing story of a life in upheaval. On it goes, for what probably feels like years in fish time but is in reality only a few seconds, until the fish is spat out on the other side of a dam.
    Salmon swim up to the tube, which shoots them up to 22 miles per hour over a dam.
    People were immediately fascinated by the fish contraption, and they've quickly capitalized on the bizarre flying-fish machine.