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A timeline leading to Roe v. Wade
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Planned Parenthood’s “Bans Off My Body” campaign has gathered nearly 140 musicians to join its campaign to battle restrictions on legal abortion.

So far, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Lady Gaga, Beck, Bon Iver, John Legend, Nine Inch Nails, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj, Troye Sivan, Hayley Kiyoko, and Kacey Musgraves have signed on and were featured in a full-page Billboard ad over the weekend, called “Band Together, Bans Off.”

Planned Parenthood plans to raise awareness about restrictive anti-abortion measures that have passed in several states over the last year. The organization hopes to gather a whopping 500,000 signatures for its online petition to raise awareness about abortion rights.

“Abortion access and reproductive health and rights are under attack like never before, and we need everyone to fight back,” Planned Parenthood’s president, Alexis McGill, said in a statement. “Planned Parenthood is grateful to these artists for using their incredible platforms to declare that our bodies are our own – if they are not, we can never be truly free or equal.”

The campaign comes a few months before the 47th anniversary in January of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that affirmed a woman’s right to have an abortion.