Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte returns to patch together a new Salvini-free government

Conte was once again given a mandate to lead the country on Thursday.

Rome (CNN)Nine days after he resigned when Italy's government collapsed, Giuseppe Conte has returned as Prime Minister to form a new one that will exclude hardline leader Matteo Salvini from power.

Italy's president re-appointed Conte to the role on Thursday, as the political crisis plaguing the country in recent weeks began to subside.
Conte will lead a new government comprised of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) and the center-left opposition Democratic Party (PD). The rival parties agreed Wednesday to form a coalition to prevent snap elections that would likely have been won by Salvini's far-right League party.
    Conte accepted the role with reservation, saying Thursday that he would immediately start working with all parliamentary groups, and that Italy must return to being an advocate for Europe and "a country which is open to everyone."
      "This is a moment for courage and determination -- a determination which will not be dogged by obstacles," he said.
      The previous coalition between M5S and the League Party fell apart last week after months of infighting over key policies. Hoping to seize on his rise in popularity, Salvini pushed for a no-confidence vote on Conte, but the plan backfired after he was excluded from the new government.