A cruise line is offering free evacuations to those on Grand Bahama Island

The Grand Celebration is heading to the Bahamas to deliver supplies and offer free evacuation.

(CNN)Bahamas Paradise Cruise Lines is offering Bahamians stranded by Hurricane Dorian a way home.

The Florida-based cruise line took supplies, first responders and Bahamian evacuees in Florida to Grand Bahama Island on Thursday.
The cruise line told CNN that the Grand Celebration ship is also offering the chance for Bahamians to evacuate to Florida free of charge, given they have the proper documentation, when the ship leaves on September 7.
    "Apart from the Bahamas we have no other home, so it was like the destruction was in our backyard," CEO Oneil Khosa told CNN. "We felt like we had to do this for the people of the Bahamas and the island of Grand Bahama, especially given our history with the island."
    Destruction in the Bahamas.
    Bahamas Paradise said that the humanitarian cruise was the first ship allowed to dock at Freeport and will be delivering emergency personnel to Grand Bahama Island, including electricians and firemen, in addition to supplies.
    "We have a lot of people on the ship today who will have a major positive impact on the recovery of the island," Khosa said.
    The Grand Celebration was used for a similar relief effort for Hurricane Irma and acted as a base for St. Thomas.
    Bahamas Paradise is also