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A beauty contestant upstages all our friends. One man’s best friend, and a very good boy, won with his calm demeanor. And Anderson loses his proverbial wig. These are your must-see videos of the week:


Guests at a Montana Lodge were met with an unexpected visitor, after a black bear was found in the women's bathroom. In an astonishing video shared by the Bucks T-4 Lodge in Big Sky, hotel workers were shocked to encounter the young black bear resting atop the bathroom countertop, seemingly un-fazed by the all-but-ordinary setting.
Hotel guests find bear lounging on ladies' room counter
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How could you not snort at his snickers? When a pro-Trump protester caused a disturbance during a city council meeting, one guy got the giggles. His laughing fit split the sides of the internet as he quickly went viral.

Word on the street?

counterprotesters drive kkk from indiana park dnt vpx_00004325
Counterprotesters crash KKK cookout
01:46 - Source: WDRB

President Donald Trump may have been facing impeachment while at a rally, but what was on his mind? Dishwashers, apparently. Trump claimed the appliances aren’t working like they used to, and he knows because “women tell him.”

Ice stayed chill

conan weather report greenland
Conan attempts to read the weather report in Greenland
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A California man and his dog Ice kept their cool when a large bear approached their car inside Sequoia National Park. Keep calm and grizzly on?

Role model for all

meghan harry waxy figures bbc moos pkg vpx _00002202.jpg
TV channel's unusual mishap involving Harry and Meghan
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Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi explains why she chose not to wear a wig when competing. CNN’s Anderson Cooper almost couldn’t believe the idea to wear artificial hair was even suggested to her.

‘A minor child deserves privacy’

Moos pkg bernie sanders crying baby
Crying baby irritates Bernie Sanders during event
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President Trump also invoked his son Barron Trump while attacking Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren at his Michigan rally. His comments directly contradicted an earlier tweet from first lady Melania Trump that said minor children should be “kept out of politics.”