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Startling animal encounters caught on camera. An NFL star takes a big plunge. A former judge is dragged out of court. These are the must-see videos for the week.

Saved by the hero next door

Guests at a Montana Lodge were met with an unexpected visitor, after a black bear was found in the women's bathroom. In an astonishing video shared by the Bucks T-4 Lodge in Big Sky, hotel workers were shocked to encounter the young black bear resting atop the bathroom countertop, seemingly un-fazed by the all-but-ordinary setting.
Hotel guests find bear lounging on ladies' room counter
00:48 - Source: CNN

Neighborhood cameras catch the moment a dog attacks a 6-year-old boy in Houston. The scene looks grim until a 19-year-old man appears to sprint across the neighborhood to intervene.

Landing in (hot) water

counterprotesters drive kkk from indiana park dnt vpx_00004325
Counterprotesters crash KKK cookout
01:46 - Source: WDRB

NFL superstar Tom Brady has been known to jump off a cliff or two in his day. But this time, he posted video of his 6-year-old daughter taking the plunge with him. Reaction to this decision? Mostly negative.

It’s fine, the shark can keep it

conan weather report greenland
Conan attempts to read the weather report in Greenland
06:44 - Source: CNN

The floor may be lava, but retired Gen. Wesley Clark isn’t leaving phones to chance either. He chucked his phone after it started ringing during a live interview with CNN’s Jim Sciutto.

Lookout below

meghan harry waxy figures bbc moos pkg vpx _00002202.jpg
TV channel's unusual mishap involving Harry and Meghan
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An SUV plunged into a sinkhole that opened as it approached an intersection in Pennsylvania. The driver was able to escape the sudden crater much easier than the vehicle.

Drink up, little buddy

Moos pkg bernie sanders crying baby
Crying baby irritates Bernie Sanders during event
02:08 - Source: CNN

Some cyclists in South Australia was stunned by a thirsty koala that approached them on their ride. As the country deals with deadly bushfires and record-breaking heat waves, wildlife there has been devastated.