Anthem mix-up sparks controversy during Albania's match against France

    Albania's players line up for the national anthem -- only for the wrong song to be played

    (CNN)As Albania's soccer team linked arms and prepared to sing their national anthem, a sense of confusion started to ripple around the Stade de France.

    Being played through the stadium speakers wasn't their country's anthem. It was Andorra's.
    A delay to the kick-off of the European championship qualifier ensued as the Albanian players waited for the correct anthem to be played. But things went from bad to worse when the stadium announcer apologized -- to Armenia.
      Supporters booed and whistled as the Andorran anthem continued to sound.
      The correct anthem was eventually played after Albanian officials on the touchline consulted the referee.
      "I apologized to the bench and the coach," France's manager Didier Deschamps told reporters after the match.
      "It's something that should not happen, but it happened. I understand the position of the Albanians and it is logical that we waited until the Albanians could have their anthem before that match."