Hitler's wife's knickers sell at auction for almost $5,000

The silk underpants bearing Eva Braun's monogram were bought by an unknown buyer.

(CNN)A pair of underpants believed to have belonged to Adolf Hitler's wife, Eva Braun, sold for nearly $5,000 at auction on Thursday.

The monogrammed pink silk knickers, which came from a private European World War II collection, sold for £3,700 ($4,620). The anonymous phone bidder also bought Braun's cotton nightgown for £2,600.
British auction house Humbert & Ellis also sold a gold-plated bracelet bearing a swastika, which belonged to the wife of Nazi leader Hermann Göring.
    A white lace nightgown bearing Eva Braun's personal monogram was also sold in the auction.
    Eva Braun was Hitler's mistress, and later wife. She married him in 1945 and died by suicide with him the day after they were married.
    "There continues to be a perennial interest in personal artefacts from such notorious high level WWII figures and accordingly such items, even without provenance, command high prices," auctioneer Jonathan Humbert said in a statement.