An elderly couple in Florida says a bobcat attacked them on their morning walk

(CNN)An elderly couple on an early morning walk was attacked by an animal they described as a bobcat in Lauderhill, Florida, according the city's fire department.

The woman had injuries on her face, arms and hands that "are consistent with an animal attack," Lauderhill Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Levy told CNN. The man fell and was injured when he tried to help his wife, Levy said.
Rupert Fray, 71, told CNN affiliate WSVN that his wife, Elsen Fray, 85, lost a finger when the bobcat attacked Friday.
    The couple was walking in a Lauderhill neighborhood around 5 a.m. when the woman was attacked, according to Levy.
    In his 20 years with the fire department, Levy said he's "never seen anything like that." The couple is "adamant this was a bobcat," Levy said.
    The couple were taken to Broward Health Medical Center, where the man was treated and released but has remained in the hospital to be with his wife, Levy said. She is said to be in fair condition, according to Levy.
    Officials surveyed the area to determine whether it was bobcat that attacked the couple.
    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials surveyed the area on Friday, trying to determine whether a bobcat was responsible for the attack. The officials said while a bobcat attack is rare, it could happen in the area.
    Residents in the area told WSVN they have seen other animals, but never bobcats.
      Lauderhill is about 6 miles west of Fort Lauderdale.
      The police are warning residents to be cautious and call 911 if they see an animal and not try to approach it themselves.