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CNN  — 

A United Airlines flight en route to Amsterdam from San Francisco made an emergency landing in Maine early Monday, an airline spokesman told CNN.

The flight, carrying 197 passengers and 13 crew members, was diverted to Bangor, Maine, due to a cabin pressurization issue, according to United Airlines spokesman Jonathan Guerin.

No injuries were reported and passengers disembarked normally after the plane landed at Bangor International Airport and taxied to a gate on its own power just after 1 a.m., Guerin told CNN.

Oxygen masks were released due to the cabin pressure change but it is unclear whether passengers were told to use the masks.

Passengers were given lodging in Bangor overnight, the airline said. They’ll be redirected to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey where another flight will take them the rest of the way. They’re expected to arrive in Amsterdam early Tuesday morning, according to a statement from the airline.