UK plastic surgeons to vote on banning 'Kim Kardashian-inspired' Brazilian butt lifts over safety fears

The procedure has become increasingly popular over the past five years.

London (CNN)The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has said it will vote later Friday on whether the procedure popularly known as the Brazilian butt lift is safe enough to be performed in the UK.

An expert panel will assess the latest evidence and decide whether to uphold previous guidance it issued in 2018, which strongly warned surgeons against performing the surgery because of its high fatality rate. If the guidance is upheld it will essentially ban the procedure in the UK, though surgeons could in theory choose to ignore the recommendation.
Concern about the procedure, which has been rising in popularity over the past five years, follows a number of cases of serious illness and death.
    Two Britons are known to have died following the surgery, and it is feared that globally the number of fatalities could be in the hundreds, BAAPS president and plastic surgeon Paul Harris told CNN.
    The surgery, which can cost in excess of