China's helicopter prototype looks like a UFO

A static display at Chinese airshow of the "Super Great White Shark" stealth helicopter.

(CNN)China has been unveiling a lot of new weaponry lately, but one of their latest reveals looks really, well, out of this world.

Called the "Super Great White Shark" by Chinese media, the aircraft conjures up images of 1950s sci-fi movies more than 21st century technology. But China says the "armed helicopter" was designed for the "future digital information battlefield."
State-tabloid the Global Times published an image gallery of the aircraft, calling it a fusion of modern, proven helicopter designs -- such as the American AH-64 Apache and CH-53 Sea Stallion as well as the Russian Ka-52 and Mi-26 copters. It also has the blended-wing design employed by stealth aircraft, including the US B-2 bomber.
China Great White Shark helicopter schematic
The Super Great White Shark is 7.6 meters (25 feet) long, almost three meters (10 feet) high and has room on board for two crew. Schematic drawings show its outer shell covers rotors and engines, which would presumably give the helicopter stealth capability because any sharp angles would be covered, making it harder for radar to detect.
The prototype was displayed last week at the China Helicopter Exposition in Tianjin. It was a static display only. The aircraft is landbound -- at least for now.
If it does make it to the test flight stage, it wouldn't be the first UFO-inspired helicopter to get off the ground.