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October 18, 2019

1. What was the name of the deadly and destructive typhoon that made landfall in Japan last weekend, causing significant damage in the country?
2. Queen Elizabeth II recently participated in an event laden with pageantry and tradition at the state opening of what part of Britain's government?
3. Name the American gymnast who recently set a new record for winning the most world championship medals.
4. What nation recently announced an agreement to "pause" its military operations in neighboring Syria and enforce a safe zone along the border?
5. Some companies are working to curb carbon dioxide emissions that result from producing what material, which is the most abundant man-made material on Earth?
6. Name the two high school sports that have the highest rate of concussions, though a recent study found the overall number of these head injuries has decreased in recent years.
7. What specific kind of storm, which occurs most commonly in New England between September and April, carries winds of at least 58 miles per hour and is defined by its wind direction?
8. U.S. President Herbert Hoover famously turned on the lights for what New York City landmark, which recently underwent a $160 million renovation?
9. Name the prime minister of the United Kingdom, who reached a deal with the European Union this week concerning the Brexit.
10. For the Brexit deal between Britain's leadership and the European Union to take effect, it must first be approved by what British lawmaking body?
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