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Getting dads to do more around the house, starting with a history lesson

(CNN)In the past couple of years, our homes have become a key battleground in the fight for gender equality. Who plans the dinners? Folds the laundry? Schedules the doctor's appointments? Probably mom. Who's not particularly happy with this situation? Probably mom.

Even as women have taken on more work outside their home, they're still doing the bulk of household chores and childcare at home. Dads, to be fair, are putting in more time than their dads. They do roughly three times as much childcare, and more than two times as much housework as fathers in 1965.
But at the end of a long day — breakfast, drop-off, work, dinner, cleaning, bedtime — few women have much interest in contemplating generational shifts. What they want is a partner who knows that the soccer jersey needs to be washed before tomorrow's game, and they want a partner who knows that now, without being told.