John Cena says he's donating to first responders to honor those he considers heroes.
CNN  — 

John Cena is playing a firefighter in a new movie and wants to help some real-life first responders.

On Monday the wrestler-turned-actor tweeted a video announcing his plan to donate $500,000 to those currently fighting the California wildfires.

The actor portrays a firefighter in the forthcoming film “Playing with Fire” and tweeted “I’m asking that today on #FirstRespondersDay we do everything we can to help those who risk their lives to protect us all.”

Thousands have had to evacuate their homes and there have been power outages in the midst of multiple fires including including the Kincade Fire, Tick Fire and Getty Fire.

Cena plugged his new comedy, which is in theaters November 8, and said it “showcases a group of people I believe are heroes – first responders.”

He then segued into the fact that “California is in dire straits.”

“It is burning,” he said. “It is under siege from massive wildfires statewide, which means that our first responders are working around the clock and they need our help.”

He then called on Paramount, the studio behind his new film, to select a charity which aids first responders.

“And on behalf of ‘Playing With Fire’ and out of respect to the people who I truly believe are heroes my response will be to immediately donate half a million dollars to this cause,” Cena said. “In times like this, when people are giving their lives and working around the clock what they need from us is resources.”

He added “This is the right thing to do, and I’m doing my part to help the cause” and ended his message with a plea for everyone to keep safe.