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Firefighters in California are battling more than a dozen blazes across the state, which have collectively displaced hundreds of thousands of people and thrown entire communities into darkness and chaos.

The newest fire, the Getty Fire, broke out near Los Angeles Monday morning and quickly incinerated hundreds of acres of land and at least eight homes. Farther north, near San Francisco, the already-devastating Kincade Fire is still spreading.

Here are some other must-know numbers and stats about the wildfires currently threatening California.

Late summer and fall are prime times for wildfires, when drought conditions, high temperatures and high winds can combine to form serious fire risks.

However, it seems like every year, these fires get more deadly and more destructive. It’s not your imagination.

The World Meteorological Organization reports that, though instances of wildfires in the US have decreased over the years, the size, intensity and burn area of the fires have increased. Here are some other numbers to put these historic fire seasons into context.

CNN’s Judson Jones, Brandon Miller and Paul Martucci contributed to this report.