This bee 'influencer' is using Instagram to buzz about bee conservation

B. poses in front of the Louvre Pyramid in France, looking flawless as usual.

(CNN)Je suis B.

Instagram gained a new French influencer and her name is B. She does what all good influencers do -- takes carefully posed selfies, posts enviable travel shots and answers cheeky Q&As.
There's just one thing that separates her from all the other influencers.
She's a bee.
Just "check out that side bee..."
That's right. B. has two wings, six fuzzy legs, and a sweet little dusting of pollen all over her yellow and black thorax.
Created by the French philanthropic network Fondation de France, @bee_nfluencer is a whimsically creative way to increase awareness for threatened bee populations and raise money for the cause.
Bee populations worldwide are declining at a dangerous rate, presenting a huge threat to the world's food supply, which depends heavily on pollinators. Pollinators, which are