A group of former university students in Africa are creating an energy-efficient home inspired by traditional architecture

(CNN)A portable, energy-efficient home that was originally built for a competition may be available on the market soon in Africa.

The design was created by team Jua Jamii, a group of 40 former university students from countries including Tanzania, Nigeria and Swaziland.
It uses recycled shipping containers and is 100% powered by solar energy, says Donald Abonyi, one of the team members.
    The Jua Jamii house's exterior finishing.
    According to Abonyi, it was initially constructed as an entry for the Solar Decathlon Africa, a competition launched by the US Department of Energy to encourage African students to promote sustainability and meet energy housing needs.
      The two-year long competition brought together 18 teams from different universities in Africa, including Jua Jamii, to create innovative, energy-efficient building structures.
      Painting of the Jua Jamii house
      Now the team wants to take things further by making the house available to the public.
      "We all came together to apply to be shortlisted for the competition in late 2017. We wanted to solve some of Africa's housing problems," Abonyi, 27, told CNN.
      "But now we are working on becoming a startup that will use green and self-sufficient building solutions to fight