A soprano started singing out her window in defiance of a government-imposed curfew in Chile

Ayleen Jovita Romero has attracted worldwide notice for her post-curfew performance in Chile.

(CNN)The soprano's voice lifts into the Santiago night sky, breaking the silence of the Chilean government-imposed curfew.

Then, cheers and applause fill the streets.
The stunning bars belong to Ayleen Jovita Romero, whose October 21 performance -- during the curfew imposed after days of clashes between protesters and police in the South American capital -- has garnered a lot of attention on social media as the protests enter their third week.
    As much as her voice and venue, it's also Romero's song choice that has captured global notice: "El derecho de vivir en paz" ("The right to live in peace") by Victor Jara, a popular folk singer who was murdered in the days following the 1973 military coup by Gen. Augusto Pinochet.

      A protest anthem emerges from darkness

      Romero had left her house earlier that evening to visit a cousin after being holed up in her home for several days for fears of the violence in the streets, she told CNN.
      Romero watched as Chilean police deployed tear gas, she said, then finally reached her cousin's home, saddened by an overwhelming silence that had taken hold.