'P.S. we owe you some milk' -- Australian firefighters leave note after saving man's house

The Urunga Rural Fire Service drank Paul Sekfy's milk but saved his house.

(CNN)Firefighters in Australia have been battling some of the worst bushfires in decades -- but one crew still remembered its manners.

When homeowner Paul Sekfy returned to his property he found it damaged but still intact, thanks to the firefighters.
Inside the house he found a note from the Urunga Rural Fire Service.
    Paul Sekfy's sheds were destroyed by the fire.
    "It was our pleasure to save your house. Sorry that we could not save your sheds," it read. "P.S. we owe you some milk."
      Kale Hardie-Porter was part of a team sent to an area near Macksville, New South Wales, to fight fires in what he described to CNN as "horrendous conditions."
      They came across a house and made a decision to try to save it, despite facing "smoke and heat you can't imagine."