A 9-year-old is collecting bottles to cover surgical costs for kids with cleft palates

Abigail Moen says she wants to be a surgeon when she grows up.

(CNN)Abigail Moen, 9, didn't know what a cleft lip or cleft palate was until she watched a commercial that brought tears to her eyes.

"I was sad," the fourth-grader from Eastchester, New York, told CNN. "I said, 'Daddy, can we do something? I want to help those kids.'"
The commercial detailed the hardships kids born with the cleft condition deal with --- difficulties eating, talking and even smiling.
    "We found the cost of operations and the blankets and the teddy bears," Abigail explained.
    The organization profiled in the commercial, Operation Smile, offers free surgical care for kids with cleft lips and cleft palates around the world.
    "The surgeries cost as little as $240," Nicole Bell, Operation Smile's director of public relations, told CNN.
    Abigail started collecting bottles to help cover the surgical care costs.
    That was more than a year ago, and Abigail is still collecting bottles. So far, she's cashed in nearly 7,000 bottles---enough to cover at least one surgery. "One bottle is worth 5 cents. We cash in a cart full of plastic and glass bottles or cans twice a week," Erik Moen, Abigail's dad, told CNN.
    Abigail Moen cashes in  bottles twice a week.

    Abigail starts a movement

    Abigail Moen stands tall in her soccer team uniform.