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Acrobatic basketball team the Dunking Devils are no strangers to risk-taking stunts, as their latest exploit proves.

The Slovenian quartet, informally known as the DD Squad, constructed a giant trampoline and suspended it from a crane, 100 feet in the air.

Performing audacious twists and turns, they are protected only by a thin net.

“The feeling of floating 40 meters above ground protected merely by a thin web is, frankly, indescribable,” said DD Squad member Maks Veselko.

“In the beginning, your body experiences some kind of a shock, but eventually it gets used to the constant moving of the web and swaying of the crane.

“You can’t help but feel dizzy when you’re propelled in the air. However, the feeling is nothing short of pure ecstasy.”

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The troupe’s other stunts include cliff jumping and dunking on a moving train, feats that have helped them amass thousands of followers on social media.