Royal Ascot, Spanish style

Published 1123 GMT (1923 HKT) December 12, 2019
spanish royal ascot ariadna davidspanish royal ascot ariadna david
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Event organiser Ariadna Vilalta came up with the idea of Hat and Horses on a visit to Ascot with her partner David Bell (pictured together). Lemon
Vilalta was inspired by both the high fashion as well as the racing on offer at the prestigious English racecourse. Lemon
Instead of Flat racing at Ascot, the competition at Hats and Horses is trotting. Lemon
Vilalta says the racing is just as important as the glitz and glamor off the track in Mallorca.
There are prizes on offer for the best-dressed lady and gentleman racegoer at the end of Hats and Horses. Lemon
Vilalta was warned that the men in particular would not dress up for the event but she has proved the doubters wrong. Lemon
Vilalta has set her sights on other events outside of the Balearic Islands, possibly in Belgium and Germany in the future. Lemon
Vilalta have been pleasantly surprised by how popular the event has been in its early outings. Lemon