Florida deputies came to the rescue of someone apparently screaming for help. It was a parrot

A file photo of a green parrot. Florida officers say a parrot made sounds like someone screaming for help in Lake Worth Beach

(CNN)Turns out, things aren't always what they seem ... or what they sound like.

That's the lesson Florida police officers learned earlier this week after they responded to a call that turned out to be much different than what they thought.
Deputies in Lake Worth Beach arrived at a home to help "someone screaming for help," the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said on Facebook.
    "Hilarity ensued," the sheriff's office said on Facebook.
    In a video police shared, a man is seeing working on his car when about four officers arrive in his driveway.
    He looks toward what appears to be a back yard, and yells 'Rambo.'
    "I'll bring out the screamer to you," he says.
      As they wait, the man steps away and comes back with a friend -- his pet parrot.
      The green bird greets the officers who seem to share a laugh about the incident and bids them goodbye.