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We regret to inform you that Elon Musk is at it again. The outlandish Tesla CEO danced like nobody was watching in front of a very large crowd.

On Tuesday, he spoke in China to mark the first deliveries of the Shanghai-made Model 3 vehicle. The dancing, if you want to call it that, began immediately after Musk walked onto the stage at the event for employees and Tesla (TSLA) owners. Musk tore off his blazer and bopped around, prancing and waltzing around in the span of 40 seconds. The main takeaway from the billionaire’s boogie is that money doesn’t buy you dance moves.

Musk joked about it on his Twitter account, accurately calling it “not safe for work.” His moves garnered laughter and gasps from the crowd.

Musk has good reason to get down. It’s been solid month and a half for Tesla after a particularly rough 2019. In December, a California jury ruled that Musk did not defame British caver Vernon Unsworth when he sent a tweet calling Unsworth a “pedo guy.” The stock is performing well: It’s up around 160% at an all-time high, just months after hitting a 52-week low in June. Strong sales and profit numbers that surprised both the skeptics and Wall Street have fueled Tesla’s recent rise.

Tesla appears to be bullish on China. Musk also announced Tuesday that Tesla will also make the Model Y, its lower-priced SUV, at its new Shanghai factory, and he plans to open a design center in the country with the aim of creating an “original car” for sale in markets around the world.

At least Musk’s bop was smoother than Steve Ballmer’s famous “monkey boy dance,” in which the former Microsoft CEO jumped around stage to Gloria Estafan’s “Get on Your Feet” and shrieked like a maniac at Microsoft’s 25th anniversary event in 2000.

– CNN Business’ Laura He and Chris Isidore contributed to the report.