A man took over an airport monitor to play video games until officials told him 'game over'

(CNN)Most airport travelers with time on their hands will open a book, browse their phone or take a nap. Others will take things a level further.

A man traveling through Oregon's Portland International Airport on Thursday was caught playing a video game on one of the airport's video monitors.
"I couldn't believe it. You've got all these monitors there and he's playing a video game," said Stefan Dietz, who captured the moment and tweeted it. The gamer even appeared to be talking on a headset to other players, according to Dietz.
The monitor typically displays a map of the airport, assisting travelers with the locations of restaurants and bathrooms. But at 4:30 in the morning it was instead overtaken by the man and his PlayStation 4, according to airport spokeswoman Kama Simonds.
The game he appeared to be playing, after plugging into the monitor outlet, was the popular battle royale game Apex Legends. CNN has not been able to identify the passenger.
Airport officials approached the man and asked he unplug the game from the monitor. They received an answer they weren't quite expecting. "He politely asked personnel if he may finish his game," Simonds said.
The airport officials said no, so it was game over for the passenger, who complied.
"We would love travelers to plug into our power outlets, but just ask that they don't plug into anything else," Simonds said.