Grigor Dimitrov turns heads with bold tracksuit choice at the Australian Open

    Grigor Dimitrov's tracksuit at the Australian Open -- some loved it, others were unconvinced.

    (CNN)If you rock up to the first grand slam of the year in a spotted two-piece tracksuit, you probably have to back it up on the court.

    Grigor Dimitrov did just that, defeating Argentine Juan Ignacio Londero 4-6 6-2 6-0 6-4 in the Bulgarian's opening game of the Australian Open.
    But it was Dimitrov's colorful fashion choice that stole the headlines in Melbourne -- a navy top and bottoms with striking yellow splodges dotted throughout. Think a starry night sky and you're not a million miles away.
        "I think the outfit is fun. I don't want to be vanilla," the 28-year-old said after the match. "I actually love it. I love colors ... I love experimenting as well and when (I'm) out there, I don't really think that much of the outfit.
        "I already had a couple of friends who were like, '(We) knew you were going to wear it before, we weren't sure you were going to wear the whole thing.'"
          Grigor Dimitrov in action against Juan Ignacio Londero at the Australian Open.
          Luckily for Dimitrov, the Nike tracksuit got the thumbs up from his coach, eight-time grand slam winner Andre Agassi.
          "Andre was very happy with it," added the Bulgarian. "He was impressed."
          Needless to say, the getup caused quite a stir on social media.
          "This should be at the Louvre," tweeted one user. "And by THIS, I mean not the clothing Grigor is wearing, but the full picture with the faces of those baffled, amazed spectators (in the background)."
          Grigor Dimitrov practices in style ahead of the Australian Open.
            One viewer thought it would have been better put to use as pajamas, while another was disappointed he didn't go for a matching headband to complete the set.
            Dimitrov has hardly been playing it safe