Jameson Cold Brew, or coffee-infused whiskey.
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We already knew coffee and liquor are a popular combination. There’s the classic White Russian cocktail, the sweet Irish coffee typically made with Bailey’s, and the will-do-in-a-pinch whiskey-spiked coffee.

Jameson, an Irish whiskey manufacturer, announced its new Jameson Cold Brew on Friday – to the assured delight of spiked coffee fans everywhere. With 17mg of caffeine per shot of whiskey, it lets you get caffeinated and buzzed simultaneously.

“This is a perfectly balanced combination of our smooth Irish Whiskey with hints of toasted oak, dark chocolate and a rich coffee aroma,” the company says on its website.

The concoction, essentially whiskey infused with coffee flavors, is created with Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia.

The drink is limited, but in an Instagram post, the brand said Jameson Cold Brew should be hitting shelves soon.

This isn’t Big Alcohol’s first foray into coffee-alcohol drinks. Last summer, Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) released an alcoholic vanilla iced coffee.

But the US Department of Health and Human Services advises against mixing caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine tends to mask alcohol’s depressant effects, so drinkers could become more intoxicated than they realize – leading to injury and other adverse effects.

Back in 2010, the FDA threatened a ban on four companies manufacturing caffeinated alcoholic beverages, including Phusion Projects, the company behind “Four Loko.” The companies complied and removed the stimulant.

CNN’s Scottie Andrew contributed to this report.