John McEnroe mocks 'crazy aunt' Margaret Court on her 50th anniversary celebration

    Margaret Court is presented with a replica trophy at the 2020 Australian Open.

    (CNN)Tennis great John McEnroe has mocked 24-time grand slam winner Margaret Court in a jokey video ridiculing the Australian's views on homosexuality and same sex marriage.

    The controversial Court, now a Pentecostal pastor in Western Australia, has likened LGBTQ teaching in schools to the work of "the devil" and previously said tennis is "full of lesbians".
      The 77-year-old won all four grand slams in 1970, and while she has been invited to this year's tournament in honor of the milestone, Tennis Australia added that it did not agree with her "demeaning" personal views.
      "This year marks the 50th anniversary of Margaret Court's grand slam and Tennis Australia is facing a dile