Four 'Ancient Mariners' row across the Atlantic in record-breaking time

    The men claimed the world record for the oldest crew of four to row across the Atlantic.

    (CNN)A crew of rowers who call themselves the "Ancient Mariners" say they have broken a world record after rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in just 49 days.

    With a total combined age of 257 years and 10 days, the group laid claim to the title of the oldest crew of four to row the Atlantic. The current holders of the Guinness World Record had a total combined age of 223 years and 211 days, and they took 52 days to cross the ocean.
    UK residents Guy Munnoch, 67, Mike Winn, 64, John Moorhouse, 63, and Steve Hughes, 61, set sail from La Gomera in the Canary Islands on December 12.
    After working a shift pattern of two hours rowing, two hours rest for 24 hours a day, they arrived in English Harbor, Antigua on their boat, named "The Grey Escape Vessel," on January 30, according to a press release.
    The crew pictured before the race.