How drug wars in Ireland led to the murder and dismemberment of a teenage boy

Keane Mulready-Woods was 17 when he was killed and dismembered earlier this month.

(CNN)Keane Mulready-Woods should have been celebrating his 18th birthday this week. But the Irish teenager's life came to an end last month, in a murder so brutal in nature that it has drawn comparisons with TV show "Narcos."

Ireland's ancient town of Drogheda -- pronounced Draw-head-a -- has become the setting for feuds between drug-dealing gangs that have claimed three lives in grisly tit-for-tat attacks.
A day after Mulready-Woods went missing on a cold Sunday evening, parts of the boy's dismembered body were found in a Puma gym bag in north Dublin, 50 kilometers away, police say. Other body parts were found in a burning car in the capital. Irish media reports say Mulready-Woods' limbs were in the bag, and his severed head, hands and feet in the burning car. His torso is believed to still be missing.
    The murder paints a dark picture of Ireland's changing underworld, which is increasingly recruiting boys and young men to carry out acts of violence, often to enforce debt payments as the country's addiction to drugs like cocaine grows. Years of austerity have left Drogheda without adequate social services and opportunities to keep young people off the streets, residents there say.