Li Wenliang, a doctor in Wuhan, was punished by police for "spreading rumors" over a message warning people against the coronavirus.
Wuhan coronavirus kills doctor who warned of outbreak
03:12 - Source: CNN
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    Trains, planes and trucks are getting back on course after months of coronavirus inertia, and that’s a good sign for the economy as a whole.

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    1. George Floyd case 

    A Chinese doctor who tried to warn the public about the Wuhan coronavirus has died of the disease. Li Wenliang told colleagues about the presence of the virus all the way back in December but was accused of rumor-mongering by Wuhan police after his messages were posted on social media. Li is being hailed as a hero, and his death has sparked anger among Chinese citizens, who say they feel like they were lied to and Li was unfairly attacked for speaking out. Li’s death comes as China prepares to ramp up its response to the virus, which has topped 30,000 cases. Officials said every household in Wuhan will be checked for people with symptoms, and anyone affected will be sent to one of more than 130 quarantine centers in the city. 

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    Americans quarantined on military bases & cruise ships as officials scramble to contain deadly coronavirus
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    2. Protest response

    Things are still extremely messy on the campaign trail following this week’s Iowa caucus debacle. Both Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders claimed victory after the remaining neck-and-neck votes rolled in. (Buttigieg edged out Sanders in the final vote count by a mere one-tenth of a percentage point.) Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez has called for a complete recanvass of Iowa results. A recanvass wouldn’t mean a total re-do, just that all the numbers released by the state party would be checked against the results recorded at caucus sites. Either way, it would mean more time spent on Iowa while the New Hampshire primary, the next key contest, is just days away