Storm Dennis strikes UK sparking flood warnings and evacuations

South Wales was one of the worst-affected areas as Storm Dennis sweeps the UK.

London (CNN)The UK has been battered by gale force winds and heavy rains for the second weekend in a row as a cluster of storms continues to cross the Atlantic.

Storm Dennis has seen flood warnings across large parts of the country as the storm picked up Saturday and lasted into Sunday.
There were wind gusts as high as 91mph (146km/h) and more than half a month's worth of rainfall in some areas, according to a tweet from the Met Office.
Residents in South Wales were evacuated by emergency services.
More heavy rain and "very strong winds" are forecast through Sunday, said the UK's official weather forecaster.
By early Sunday morning there were 198 flood warnings in place across the country, reports PA Media, which mean immediate action must be taken. There were also a further 326 flood alerts, which warn the public to be prepared.
South Wales is one of the worst-hit areas and the situation is said to be "life-threatening." The Met Office has issued a red warning after heavy rainfall raised the risk of flooding.
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