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Say farewell to the glorious “Leaning Tower of Dallas.”

Crews are working to finally topple the remains of an 11-story Dallas office building that became a beloved attraction when an implosion last Sunday failed to bring it down.

For one week, Texans marveled as it stood somewhat miraculously on an angle without a hint of falling. People flocked to the unlikely attraction, snapping their selfies and preparing to say their goodbyes.

But nothing lasts forever, and the demolition crew that failed to bring down it down the first time have returned to finish the job.

This time, there will be no explosions. Just the old-fashioned crane and wrecking ball.

CNN affiliate KTVT is livestreaming the demolition on its website. And by the looks of it, it seems like it might take a while – something onlookers and local media have gleefully observed on Twitter.

KTVT joked on Twitter that both Christmas and Tom Brady’s retirement would come sooner.

“I think it will take more than a few hits,” the site’s developer Artemio De La Vega told KTVT. “So it will be interesting to watch.”