New $2.3 million horse racing series to introduce whip restrictions

    (CNN)Top jockeys will be restricted in their use of the whip in a new $2.3 million horse racing series set for the UK this year.

    The Racing League will feature stars of the sport competing in six meetings in July and August with each individual race attracting more than $63,000.
    The new protocols, set by the event organizers, will ban riders from using the whip for encouragement purposes, permitting it for safety and correctional use only.
      It comes at a time when the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has agreed to a consultation on the use of the whip.
      BHA guidelines permit jockeys to use a foam padded, air cushioned whip a maximum of seven times in a flat race and eight times over jumps, for safety and encouragement purposes. Race stewards will also analyze the force of its use and will punish riders who use it excessively.