A deserted lounge area on the Grand Princess cruise ship that is currently off the California coast
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More than 3,500 people aboard the Grand Princess have been stuck on the cruise ship off California for days. Their two-week journey from San Francisco to Hawaii was interrupted on its return leg Wednesday when officials learned that a California man who’d traveled on that ship last month contracted coronavirus and died this week.

As of Friday, 21 people tested positive for the infection, Vice President Mike Pence said during a Coronavirus Task Force press briefing. Of the 21 people who tested positive, 19 were crew members of the ship and two were passengers.

Passengers on the ship have been asked to stay in their rooms while the captain waits to hear from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on when they can open the deck “for fresh air and exercise.”

Here’s how they’ve been passing the time:

There’s quilting

Belinda S. Dill misses the view from the ship decks and her sewing room at her home but she’s finding comfort in working on a king- or queen-sized “double wedding ring” quilt, she told CNN.

05 quarantined life on cruise

“I’m feeling fine but kinda of claustrophobic,” Dill said. “We felt like we are in jail since yesterday. Our cabin has no windows or balcony. My hubby reads, play games on his kindle.”

Craft kits for all

Passenger Anne Lange told CNN that the Grand Princess has been handing out kits to help keep everyone busy.

04 quarantined life on cruise

There are craft boxes for making ornaments and beaded jewelery.

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And adult coloring books and word puzzles.

08 quarantined life on cruise

Empty hallways …

02 quarantined life on cruise

Keane Li told CNN his parents are on the ship and have been keeping him updated throughout the day. Li’s mom describes the atmosphere as a “plush prison” because of the empty hallways and confinement to individual rooms.

At one point Li said his mother was helping an elderly Chinese couple over the phone on how to use the TV and get translations of cruise announcements.

…and empty balconies

03 quarantined life on cruise

Not all rooms on the ship have balconies. Lange said the weather has been mostly cloudy, windy and cool.

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They’re enjoying room service

01 quarantined life on cruise

Each day a piece of paper is delivered to guests so they can select their meal choices for the day. Lunch is delivered from 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. with dinner served between 5 and 9 p.m.

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Passenger Teresa Duncan Johnson told CNN the lunch has been delicious. She’s had turkey fajitas, cream puffs, salsa and rolls.

And some are playing cards

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