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March 13, 2020

Response plans and closures related to the new coronavirus are today’s first topics. We’re also explaining the term “bear market” in the wake of U.S. stock losses. And after a report on South Korea’s work to develop virus testing methods, we’re visiting the state of Florida to detail the riveting rescue of Rockstar Freddy.


1. What carmaker, whose vehicles offer autopilot and “full self-driving capability” packages, says neither of them actually makes its cars totally self-driving?

2. Disney and McDonald’s are two of the 30 companies in what U.S. stock index, which has seen dramatic drops this week because of coronavirus concerns and sinking oil prices?

3. Name the former NFL running back who started the Homes for the Holidays charity, which has helped 177 single-parent families move into their own homes.

4. What country, which has seen the most coronavirus cases in Europe, has gone on lockdown, restricting travel and banning public events?

5. To help prevent the spread of disease, experts say we should regularly wash our hands and avoid touching what part of our upper body?

6. The highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere is located in what U.S. city?

7. What one-word term, which indicates that a disease has spread worldwide, is now being used by the World Health Organization to describe the new coronavirus?

8. On “My Freedom Day,” which was observed on March 11, students around the world worked to raise awareness about what issue?

9. What animal is used to describe a type of market in which stocks have dropped 20 percent from recent highs?

10. What country, which is geographically close to Japan, has received international attention for its work to develop and deploy coronavirus testing methods?


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