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Dozens of people from their 50s to their 90s have died in the United States after contracting the novel coronavirus and the death toll continues rising.

At least 112 people have died since the first US case of the coronavirus was reported in January and the virus has spread to all states, the District of Columbia and some territories.

While the majority were treated at hospitals, a woman in Washington died at home.

A couple in Indiana infected with the virus could not be together when one of them died. As they were hospitalized, they used iPads to see each other and a nurse stayed with one of them before dying, according to Dr. Ram Yeleti, chief physician executive with Community Health Network.

It’s unclear whether any deaths include foreign-born individuals, and authorities have not disclosed all of their ages.

Here’s what we have learned about those who have died because of the coronavirus, according to a CNN tally of data from state heath officials.

Most of them were 60 years and older

Health officials have said that older adults were twice as likely to have serious illness from the novel coronavirus and the fatal cases in the US appear to reflect that.

The majority of people who have died were in their 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. The youngest were in their early or mid-50s.

Many lived in nursing homes or other facilities

The deadliest cluster so far has been linked to a nursing home in Kirkland, Washington. More than 20 people who lived there and someone who visited the facility have died.

People who lived in other long-term care facilities in Washington, Florida and Kansas contracted the virus and died.

Many had other health problems

Diabetes, emphysema and heart problems were among the pre-existing conditions that some people suffered before they were diagnosed with coronavirus.

Only a few traveled abroad

Authorities are still trying to determine how many contracted the virus but have said some of those who died recently traveled overseas.

In California, one person went to Thailand and another one was on a cruise to Mexico. Two people in Florida had traveled outside the country.

Death toll state by state


- A patient in Placer County who had underlying health conditions was the first coronavirus-related death in the state.

The person, described as elderly, was likely exposed while traveling February 11-21 on a Princess cruise ship that was going from San Francisco to Mexico, according to Placer County Public Health. The patient had been in isolation at Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center.

- An “older adult” woman who was hospitalized for a respiratory illness died March 9 in Santa Clara County.

- A woman in her 60s died in Santa Clara County. The woman was hospitalized for several weeks and is believed to have contracted the virus through community transmission, the county’s health department said.

- A resident of Sacramento County who had underlying health conditions and was in an assisted living facility, the county public health department said. A county official told CNN the resident was in their 90s.

- A woman in her 60s who was visiting friends died in Los Angeles County. She had a history of extensive travel, including a long layover in South Korea, according to Barbara Ferrer, director of public health for Los Angeles County.

- A person was reported dead in San Mateo County on March 15.

- A Sacramento County resident who was older than 70 and suffered from underlying health conditions.

- A person in Santa Clara County.

- A person in Santa Clara County.

- A person in Riverside County.

- A person in Riverside County.

- A person in Riverside County.