Searching for love in the time of coronavirus

Angelo Di Gregorio sits on his bed FaceTiming with his new beau, from his room in Verona, Italy, on March 17. With social distancing, an hour's drive might as well be a continent away.

(CNN)Jenny, a 29-year-old woman in Seattle, nursed a latte on her date with a man she'd met on the dating app Bumble.

With coronavirus cases trending in the city, he'd invited her out that Saturday for what they both knew these days might be a risky rendezvous.
Jenny, who asked that CNN leave out her last name for privacy reasons, said the Anchorhead coffee shop in the city's downtown area was much less crowded than usual.
    She and her date shared interests in sci-fi and books, and their coffee date went well. They made plans to see each other again.

      Statewide bans slowed down the romance

      But then Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee issued rules effectively shutting down bars and restaurants in the city.
      Jenny told CNN she has a high threshold for going over to a date's house and they're not at that stage yet. So for now, they're texting and making plans to play Nintendo online together.
        Two thousand miles away in Chicago, a corporate attorney had just met a man on Hinge, another dating app. For professional reasons, she asked that her name not be used in this story.
        The conversation was flowing, ranging from their favorite podcasts to which presidential candidates' campaigns they'd volunteered for. They were ready to meet face-to-face.
        But they didn't get that far.
        Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker issued a similar ban closing all the places where they'd might be able to meet and kick off a fledgling courtship.
        With 30 degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures in the Windy City, taking a walk or having picnic weren't the most pleasant options either.
        For now, they've settled on getting to know each other better over the phone calls.
        Now that grabbing a drink with a potential lover feels almost like a seismic risk, millions of singles reckon with a dilemma as they seek love in the time of coronavirus.
        Do you risk trying to meet someone or do you put love and intimacy on hold for weeks or even months?

        Asking the right questions

        Jenny met a man on Bumble and managed to see him before all the bars and restaurants closed in Seattle. Now the two are at a loss for where to meet on their second date.