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Creating an effective family routine when homebound for coronavirus

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(CNN)When the official word finally came that they closed our kids' schools "indefinitely" -- my new least favorite word -- my wife and I had the same thought: We need a schedule!

The answer to chaos is routine, right? We can't have the kids sitting around in their pajamas, eating cereal, watching cartoons and bickering all day, like a Disney remake of "Lord of the Flies."
We called a family meeting that very evening. And we were reassuring and honest as we talked about what we each of us needed to manage this challenge together. And the keystone to all of that, we thought, was a schedule.
    My wife took notes, wrote it up, and we put it on our refrigerator. This was the schedule that would avoid hurdling us in a no-work-and-all-play "Shining"-like dire