The Wolfe's (L) and the Scott's are both coping with the postponement of their fertility procedures.

Their dreams of having a baby with IVF are being postponed because of coronavirus

Updated 0701 GMT (1501 HKT) March 25, 2020

(CNN)Danielle and Kenny Scott are used to facing obstacles together.

Danielle, who is 34, had a hysterectomy after being diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer in 2013. Kenny was right by her side, despite the fact that they had only been dating three weeks at the time of her diagnosis.
Seven years later, the now-married couple, from Terre Haute, Indiana, is trying to conceive via surrogate. Two surrogates did not pan out. But with their third surrogate, they were hopeful.
Until last week, when the coronavirus pandemic put everything — including their fertility treatments — on hold.
For couples struggling with infertility, the IVF process is already an emotional journey. Now, many women, including Danielle Scott, are finding out their fertility treatments are being postponed as health workers are called to the frontlines to help treat coronavirus .
"It just sucks," Danielle Scott told CNN. "That day (I found out about postponing the procedure), I was at work when they called, it was like 7 p.m. I cried the whole way home and to sleep."
Postponed procedures became norm after the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released guidelines to suspend all elective procedures and reschedule non-urgent outpatient visits.
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