A  Rhode Island police officer bought groceries for an elderly woman who had no food.
CNN  — 

A Rhode Island police officer just reminded the world that while the coronavirus pandemic can claim lives, shut down cities, and change life as we know it, it can’t take away kindness.

The Warwick Police Department received a call on Friday night from a community service organization alerting authorities that an 87-year-old woman had no food in her home.

Officer Jill Marshall, who works with the department’s Community Services Division, volunteered to conduct a welfare check and found the elderly woman, who was living with her disabled son, had nothing to eat.

Officer Marshall offered to go food shopping for the family – and their cat.

“The officer asked for her grocery list and then went shopping,” the Warwick Police Department posted on Facebook. “With the generosity of the market and members of the public who overheard the story, the officer was able to return with everything in the list.”

Marshall had visited a local grocery store, which donated $25 to help cover the cost of groceries. When other people in the store heard of what Marshall was doing, they donated enough money to buy $100 worth of food for the family.

“I was ready to use my own money to help them but the generosity of those shopping and (grocery store) Shaw’s paid for her list. I would have never left them and make them wait for food. That’s just not humane,” Marshall told CNN.

“I felt grateful and appreciative for those who overheard me and just pulled out their wallet to help. When I saw how happy and relieved her and her son were it truly made my night. I can’t express how good that felt.”

By Sunday, more than 230 cases of coronavirus and at least 2 deaths were reported in Rhode Island. The global pandemic has forced millions of people to distance themselves from family and friends, and has left grocery stores short on food and supplies.