People are cooking their way through the coronavirus pandemic. Here are their mouthwatering creations

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The coronavirus pandemic has us stuck at home and looking for a way to cope.

For many people, it’s cooking.

“I think there is a silver lining to be found in all of this, and it might be found in the kitchen,” said Stacy Deasy, an American living in Wicklow, Ireland.

The proof is all over social media, with mouthwatering dishes being posted to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with hashtags such as #coronaviruscooking.

Deasy recently posted a picture of her chicken and dumplings to the NYT Cooking Community group that she’s a part of on Facebook.

“Food is comforting. Food is energy. Food can be healing. Those are important things right now more than ever,” she said.

Los Angeles resident Erik Dahlgren has had to work from home during the pandemic. But armed with a 25-pound bag of flour, he’s been experimenting with bread-making. He recently put a photo of freshly baked sourdough to his Instagram account.

“I need something to keep me busy, and baking always gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride,” he said. “Those are the kinds of things I need to get me through these lonely times we are all experiencing.”

Brenda McNicol had to cancel her 60th birthday party because of social-distancing measures in Edmonton, Alberta. But she still baked a cake for a virtual cocktail party, which she hosted on a video-conferencing app.

“I think food can serve as a vessel to bring people together, even when we can’t actually be around each other,” said Steve Roybal of Santa Rosa, California.

Check out the photo gallery above to see these creations and others that have caught our eye.