The 'game changer' that wasn't: Company falsely claimed FDA authorization for coronavirus blood test

Bodysphere claimed it would distribute the first FDA-authorized coronavirus blood test, but a spokesperson later said "there was a misunderstanding."

(CNN)The company claimed it would distribute the first coronavirus antibody test authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration. It promised to detect current and past infections in as little as two minutes -- with just a tiny amount of blood.

"This is a game changer," said the company, Bodysphere, in a statement on Tuesday. It promised to deliver millions of test kits within weeks.
Multiple news outlets reported the announcement. The company's website, with the words "MADE IN USA" beneath a slick logo, showcased photos of the test, including the FDA logo plastered on its box.
    And in a tweet on Monday, Bodysphere said: "It is not the first time we will play a major role in changing the world."
    But the company's claims of an FDA-authorized coronavirus antibody test have been explicitly refuted by the FDA.