Deliveroo brings 'Seder-to-Go' Passover kits to people in coronavirus isolation

The kits will be available in selected areas of the UK and Ireland.

(CNN)Deliveroo and Jewish charity Chabad Lubavitch have teamed up to provide "Seder-to-Go" kits in the UK and Ireland, meaning that people who are isolating due to the coronavirus outbreak will still be able to celebrate Passover on Wednesday.

The packages contain everything you need to make the ceremonial meals that mark the start of the festival, according to a press release from the food delivery app.
Passover, also known as Pesach, is one of the most important festivals in Judaism and celebrates the exodus of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery in 1200s BC.
    This project aims to allow vulnerable people to celebrate while remaining safely in quarantine.
      The kits will contain traditional foods and a roll-up Seder plate; a box of matzah; a bottle of grape juice; a bottle of wine; a Kiddush cup; and a Haggadah, the text recited at Passover, with an English translation.
      They are for sale on the Deliveroo app, and delivery is available in a number of London neighborhoods as well as the English cities of Leeds and Manchester, and Ireland's capital Dublin.
      Deliveroo has asked those who are able to go out and buy their own Passover provisions to do so, leaving the boxes for those who are vulnerable.
        "These kits will help to ensure every Jewish person is able to celebrate the festival of our freedom in these uniquely challenging times," said Rabbi Bentzi Sudak, Chief Executive of Chabad Lubavitch UK.
        "Not only do the kits provide essential supplies for people who cannot go out to shop for Passover provisions, they mean that vulnerable people who should be staying at home do not have to choose between their safety and having a Seder."
          Stephen Goldstein, Executive Vice President at Deliveroo, said it is a "privilege" to support the charity's work.
          "We are honored to support the Jewish community and play a small role to help people, especially the elderly and vulnerable," he said.