New Zealand health minister demoted after going to the beach during lockdown

New Zealand's health minister, David Clark, has been demoted after breaching lockdown rules.

(CNN)New Zealand's health minister has been demoted after going to the beach with his family while the nation was in the first few days of lockdown.

David Clark drove his family 20km (12 miles) from their home in Dunedin to Doctor's Point Beach for a walk during the first weekend of the country's national lockdown, which began on March 23, he said in a statement.
He said on Tuesday that it "was a clear breach of the lockdown principles of staying local and not driving long distances to reach recreation sports."
    "I've let the team down. I've been an idiot, and I understand why people will be angry with me," Clark said.
      Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Tuesday that Clark had offered his resignation.
      "Under normal circumstances I would sack the minister. What he did was wrong and there are no excuses," Ardern said at a news conference.
      However, he will maintain his role as health minister while the country continues to battle the pandemic, she said, adding: "But he broke the rules, and he does need to pay a price."