These Boston health care workers supported their New York counterparts by sending them meals during the coronavirus fight

Nurses at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston raised money to send meals to Mt. Sinai Queens and Elmhurst Hospitals in New York.

(CNN)The nurses at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital watched anxiously as their New York counterparts struggled with overwhelming torrents of patients. The Big Apple had just become the country's epicenter for the coronavirus pandemic.

"We just had this helpless feeling and we wanted to do something for them," Lisa MacGregor, a nurse at Brigham, told CNN. "With the Boston marathon terror attack, people were sending us cards and food. I just remember how stressed we were and how much that meant to us."
So the staff at Brigham raised money and sent restaurant meals to two of New York's hardest-hit emergency rooms, Mt. Sinai Queens and Elmhurst Hospital.
Mt. Sinai Queens' night shift staff enjoy meals donated to them by health care workers at Brigham and Women's Hostpital in Boston.
A few of MacGregor's colleagues completed their residencies at those hospitals. For them, the kind act was personal. For everyone at Brigham and Women's Hospital, it was a show of solidarity.
"We see what they are doing over there, and we are watching them," MacGregor said of the New York health care teams. "And we are with them."

It started with a group text